The authentication is based on HTTP Basic method. You have more information about it in Wikipedia

If you don't add this header to your request, we are going to show you an error, showing you that you don't have access or that you don't have the right auth code string.

So if you get the error from the authentication, you know that there is something wrong with this header (or with the information), so you can debug what is wrong with your API request.

Everytime that you create a connection with our API, you pass through our security, so if we find any issue with your authentication request, you may receive an error. We have an A rating in our security layer, so you don't have to worry about your authentication in our server can be read by others. But we suggest you to keep your API Keys secured, and if you think someone is ussing them, just access our Dashboard panel and recreate them.

Just remember that if you regenerate them, you need to change them in your code.

Also, we need the Authentication in every endpoint, since we don't have any single public endpoint.

Access error

In JSON format


"error": true,

"code": 204,

"message": "Unauthorized. Does not have the required permission or does not have the correct scope."