Get started with the PHP SDK

Get started with the PHP SDK With the PHP SDK, you can simply import it using Composer or you can download it from GitHub and then simply use the classes and methods available for an easier start with our service.

Also, if you found a bug, we fix it for you or if we add more features, you can simply update our SDK and have the lastes changes instead of losing your time updating your own code, we do it for you.

Before you start

The PHP SDK have some requirements before you can start using it.


PHP version: 5.3+

OpenSSL: Active

cURL: Active


Install this SDK is pretty easy, just download the source from GitHub, then, unzip the file and copy the contents to your project, for example in a folder called: vendor/quiubas/[here]

After that you can call the SDK from that directory and start using it.

Composer install

$ composer require quiubas/quiubas-php:dev-master

We also offer Composer support

We know a lot of you want to use the PHP package manager Composer, so we have support for it, just run the command and that's it, we have PSR-4 support as well.

If you don't know the command, check the command in our knowledge bar.

Current version

The current version of the SDK is: 1.2.5.

Code example for loading the libary

Use this example if you downloaded the SDK


// Load the library

require_once '/path/to/vendor/quiubas/Quiubas.php';

// Don't forget to change the params to your own api key/private values

\Quiubas\Quiubas::setAuth( 'your_api_key', 'your_api_private' );

// Send a SMS (remember to change this to your phone number)

$response = \Quiubas\Sms::send(array(

'to_number' => 'YOUR_PHONE_NUMBER',

'message' => 'Hello there',


// Prints the SMS ID

echo $response->id;