Get started with the PYTHON SDK

With the Python SDK you can simply import it using PIP and then simply use the classes and methods available for an easier start with our service.

Also, if you found a bug, we fix it for you or if we add more features, you can simply update our SDK and have the lastes changes instead of losing your time updating your own code, we do it for you.

Before you start

The Python SDK have some requirements before you can start using it.


Python: 2.7.10+

re: SDK

request: SDK

urllib: SDK

json: SDK


Install this SDK is pretty easy, just run the command to install it from PIP and then, just start using it.

PIP Install

$ pip install quiubas

Current version

The current version of the SDK is: 1.2.0.

Code example to use the SDK

Use this example if you downloaded the SDK

# install the library via pip install

from quiubas import Quiubas

quiubas = Quiubas()

quiubas.setAuth( 'api_key', 'api_private' )

response = quiubas.sms.send({

'to_number' : '+52552512421',

'message' : 'Hello there'


print response