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For over a decade, Quiubas has provided high quality A2P messaging solutions; with direct connections to operators worldwide, Quiubas delivery success rate is among the highest in the industry. Easy-to-use applications, amazing APIs and powerful SMSCs.

Build with Quiubas

Alerts and Notifications

Send payments notifications, criticals warnings, delivery notifications, bank alerts, and any kind of notifications you can include an SMS


Send offers, coupon codes, product launches, campaigns, and many more to create better customer engagement.


Add an extra security layer with two-factor authentication, One Time Passwords (OTP), transaction codes or many more using SMS.

And more...

We have the service, you have the idea, create better communication with your potential clients or current customers through SMS.

Our SMS Platform

API Rest

Integrate messaging capabilities using our powerful API in minutes


Connect to our SMSC directly using SMS native protocol, SSL support.


WebSMS provides an easy to use interface to send and manage SMS campaigns.

Why Quiubas?

Every day we connect hundreds of companies with millions of users through our services. Our innovative platform allows you to worry only about the text and not behind the scenes. Quiubas does all the hard work for you.

24/7 - 365 support


Direct Connection


Hight Availability


Enterprise-grade Security

SMS Statistics

4.89 Billion

Mobile users globally

9 out of 10

Consumers would like to use messaging to talk to businesses


Higher in response rate than other communication channels.