It's like an SMS but with Voice!

Simple and reliable voice services. Quiubas provides a cost-effective voice platform for scalable solutions, make, and monitor calls. Voice enable any app, website or manage massive voice campaigns.

Build with Quiubas

Alerts and Notifications

Send payment notifications, critical warnings, delivery notifications, bank alerts, and any kind of notification you can include using text-to-speech in phone calls.


Send offers, coupon codes, product launches, campaigns, and many more to create better customer engagement.


Add an extra security layer with two-factor authentication, One Time Passwords (OTP), transaction codes or many more using text-to-speech in phone calls.

And more...

We have the service, you have the idea. Create better communication with your potential clients or current customers through phone calls.

Voice API

Pre-configured Voice

We do the work of configuring the best voice for your message.

Easy Integration

Just add the message, the number, and we care for the rest.

End-to-End encryption

Make secure calls through our platform, from the API request to the phone call, everything is encrypted.